Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Classic American Colonial from 1939

Six rooms and breakfast nook, 32 x 26 1/2 ft.

       This American Colonial home has a pleasing exterior combination of stucco and siding. The central hall looks on the left through an archway into a commodious, well lighted living room, and on the right through an archway into a dining room of comfortable size.
       The large breakfast nook is placed conveniently so that many steps will be saved in serving meals. There is a short-cut from the kitchen to front hall, and a lavatory off the rear hall. The owner's bedroom on the second floor is of adequate size and each room has a large closet. The airing deck in the rear is an excellent feature. The bath room has a towel closet and the linen closet is well placed and of good size. 
       Special study has been given, in planning this house, to provide maximum conveniences for moderate cost. (22,500 Cubic Feet)

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