Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gold Seal Congoleum Art-Rugs, 1924

For the summer porch, too-- Congoleum Rugs are a real joy!
       Parching sunshine, driving rain, the mishaps of many porch parties! The sturdy and colorful Congoleum Rug withstands them all.
       For cottage, bungalow or camp--indoors or out--there's no other floor-covering so practical, so attractive and so economical as these popular modern rugs.
       Their smooth, firm surface and staunch, durable base are absolutetly waterproof and sanitary. Dirt, grease and spilling things can be whisked away with just a few easy strokes of a damp mop. 
       Congoleum Rugs hug the floor without fastening of any kind.

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