Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Birkenhead House Plan, 1939

       The advantage of turning the wide side to the front is clearly shown here. The house is really not large but with this front, it appears larger. The timbered second story, built out flush with the brickwork is very effective. the roof exposure is too prominent for treatment in solid green or red. Mixed shades from straw to brown with a few autumn reds will give good contrast. The timber work should be brown, the stucco cream and the brickwork brown.
       The interior has some very desirable features,--a combination stairway ans a first floor toilet. Each of the three bed rooms has cross ventilation. The hall has a stairway with access to the attic. The home should meet the approval of anyone who desires an exterior and interior, well designed, at a modest cost.

Left, six rooms, sun room and breakfast nook, 30x23 Ft.

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