Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Striking Stagger Plan

      You can't help admiring this striking split-level house. Everybody does. It's attractive exterior has unusually well-proportioned lines, enhanced by the special overhang of the roof for climate comfort wherever you build. the plan is all for comfort too, where the bedrooms are a few steps above the living area, and the heater and storage room, laundry, garage and playroom are a short flight down. Notice the wonderful placement of the windows, especially in the living and dining rooms. Floor to ceiling picture windows on either side of the fireplace offer lovely vies and picture windows, front and back mean perfect cross ventilation. Your kitchen is sunny, spacious and convenient, with a corner set aside for a built-in breakfast nook. It's a two bathroom house, economical to have a private stall shower lavatory for the master bedroom with plumbing back-to-back with the family bathroom. Three big, airy bedrooms will suit your family perfectly, especially with a built-in bunk beds for the junior members. For charm, beauty and efficiency, this plan can't be beat.
Overall Dimensions: 55'x27'. Square Feet: 1,249. by Architect: Herbert W. Naumann.

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